Did you ever get a strange feeling; like your realizing everything in your life isn’t as it should be. I want change I have this urge to learn, grow, or try something new. I have had this feeling many times in my life and I never let it hold me back I use it to make a positive difference, most times I knew what I yearned for, so I took the opportunity to grab life by the balls, and I went for it.

Going for it; that’s how I found out I had a nice singing voice, and how I chose a career in the healthcare industry. Sometimes you need to put your needs first and that is not the easiest task. It takes sheer motivation and passion to come up with a way to do what you want in the circumstances life has ‘stuck’ you. It also takes drive and commitment to keep positivity and your enthusiasm.

A few years back I got this ‘stuck’ feeling again.  I have always loved gardening, animals, the woods, and nature; and loved the thought of a farm life as a kid. Here I am now in my early 30’s, with a seven year relationship under my belt, 13 years working in a health care setting now seemingly the only thing acceptable as a viable career path (with the exception of being some Janis Joplin type female lead singing in a rock and roll band) wishing for a different life again.

I started dreaming very small.

A 8×4 “veggie” garden at my little log cabin in the garden state. As I researched, learned, dreamt of a self sustaining, clean, green, and healthy life for my soon to be husband and someday family. I have been so enthralled with this concept of a peaceful happy life spending time with, and learning with, my family. I’m tired of working paycheck to paycheck and still being stuck working away from the ones I care for and love. Working in hospitals and nursing homes I missed holidays, events, laughs, memories, and even opportunities to take care of my own passing Grandparents to take care of other people’s, maybe even yours. I have learned a lot from the people I cared for and I am grateful that I have had been a part of their lives but it is time for me to live mine.

Now my new husband and I are ready for our lives to turn into something beautiful and break from the rules of present society. If you have this same feeling inside you and want/need to learn the old-timey way to live a natural good life, I invite you to join me in my hands learning experience as I attempt to achieve my homestead dream. Come learn with me and  learn from my experiences starting this homesteading journey. I promise mistakes will be made but we will both be better for learning them.

I know, I know, how very uplifting and emotional…

Some, especially the tough “real” off grid style homesteaders are thinking, “homesteading is hard work” and they may think that I’m soft and may not have what it takes… and to you I challenge to follow my story here and on your favorite social media platforms, and help me, challenge me, and teach me and other newbie homestead dreamers just what takes to commit to this way of life.