Let’s face it, many chores in any type of household are mundane or even mentally agonizing. When it comes to the homestead lifestyle there is much more work added to a person’s day to day routine. Many of these new tasks are going to be enjoyable and many of these chores will get added to the procrastinate list. Projects are necessary to grow the homestead. Some of the farming and gardening jobs are fun and creative some are just hard manual labor.

garden bed

You may have some jobs that you enjoy more then others, for instance, I hate doing dishes but I will work happily in the garden all day.  If your growing your farm with help of a partner, parents, or even your children; each will feel one way or the other about particular tasks. Make a list and communicate with your family find out who likes what and who hates what. Start off by delegating simple tasks to your children like washing silverware. Having you kids partake in daily chores benefit your child in many amazing ways. The responsibility and structure of these errands will give them a sense of purpose in the family dynamic and will increase their learning capabilities. It is inevitable that your child will give some resistance when assigning chores, but it is well worth the struggle. Try to remember you dislike some of the housework too, so switch it up and find ways to make the chores FUN!

child washing dishes

To make homesteading chores fun find common ground on the ‘worst’ tasks and tackle them together. Working together will help make the mundane a bit more tolerable. When you can create memories and laughs with the people you love everything is more fun. Cooperation and togetherness will also help you complete the task much faster!

It’s important to have a positive mindset when taking on delegating all the work it takes to run a homestead. Some days it’s a struggle to get started and remember everyone involved has those days too. Try not to point blame and ensue arguments, it’s easy to do when there is so much needing to be accomplished. If you live in a climate with cold winters you feel the pressure of the spring start and the unbelievable amount of work needed to be completed before the cold winter takes hold.


Some days you or your partner may need inspiration to get going, do not condemn them or yourself for these feelings. Somedays you need to set that daunting task to the side for a day and work on something else that needs doing, something you enjoy more instead of lazy procrastinating. When starting out the work can be very overwhelming and if your like me when I feel overwhelmed, I begin to shut down. Learning about yourself and your habits should be the first step to finding out if this lifestyle is going to work for you. Picking yourself up by the bootstraps and working through these emotional barriers is key to a successful homestead.

Cow work

On the Job: if your looking to create a self sustainable atmosphere on your homestead you have much to do to get started. Unless you already have large savings and calling it quits in your career, you are adding this additional work to your normal nine to five. Weeks or months can go by and it can seem like a never ending cycle of work. Some homestead enthusiasts just want some of the perks of the lifestyle, like a large veggie filled garden and fresh chicken eggs. I recommend everyone start with this mindset, even if you have bigger dreams like me, it is a great way to start and introduce your family to the idea. Just add what you can, when you can, and don’t be so critical on the time you can devote to expanding your dream.


I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy and my man likes to live more comfortably then I care to. I have slowly introduced him to my ideas and the logic behind making my homestead my life’s work. He has very much come around and thinks that the idea is great as long as we can one day generate a decent income from our farm. There are many different ways to succeed and create income from the homestead you have to find what interests you the most and start planning. It’s not easy to start up and if you plan becomes an additional stressor in your life, that your not very fond of, you will fail. The key is be happy and have fun doing what you’re passionate about.